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Two is company, three is a really good time! Have you ever fantasized what it would be like to have wild crazy sex with the hottest amateurs on the net? Well, now you can actually see what it is like!

Anal Fun with Cindy and Derek
Cindy is such a sweet heart, when she asked me to join her and Derek for a quickie how could I say no. I was impressed that she was able to take his big dick in her butt all the way! He came all over her ass and I was on clean up duty:-)
Bathroom Blow-Job!
My friend Kelly-Anne and I wanted to have some fun, so we walked in on this guy as he was relieving himself on the bathroom. He was shocked to see us, but that just made us crack up some more! So we decided to make him our boy-toy and suck him off right then and there...
Blow-Job Competition!
When Johnny and Billy Hoe asked me to be one of the guests on the Dude Show and that they were going to have a blowjob competition I knew it was just an excuse to get a blowjob but hey I’m a good sport:-) First us girls had to do a little strip tease then it was on to the blowjobs! 3 girls & 3 guys, we had to blow each judge and they had to be blind folded so they didn't know which girl was blowing them that way it would be fair! Guess who won... yup it was me, did you have any doubts?!?
Fucking & Sucking with Brandi & Steve!
Between Brandi’s huge boobs and Steve’s huge cock, there was a ton of sucking and fucking during fun threesome! We went at it for close to 2 hours before Steve came all over my face and Brandi licked it all off!
Lucky Bruce
I would say Bruce is one hell of a lucky man. Not only is he having a good time in Las Vegas but he manages to get me, Seska, Angelique, and Anna into his room then he takes his turn having sex with each of us. I hope he was as lucky in the casino as he was in his hotel room!
Pulling in the Cam Guy
Jim was filming Missy and I having some fun in the tub (he’s such a pervert:-). When he got close enough to the tub we grabbed him, unzipped his pants and he could watch us give him head through the viewfinder on the camera!
Chase jumps in!
As usual Chase couldn’t keep his pants on watching Vanilla, Paige and me having fun! I figured Paige made me cum, so it was up to me to get chase off:-) I sucked him, and fucked him till he exploded all over my face, take a look...
Detention Time
Well I’m back in school and I’ve already gotten myself in trouble! Eve and I were sitting in detention for talking in class and not doing our homework! Luckily we were being monitored by the new sexy teacher, so we started passing notes back and forth about what we’d like to do to him! I guess we were a bit too obvious because he caught us and then increased our punishment! I think we’ll be asked to stay after class again next week for some extra curricular activities, after all I do want to get straight A’s this year:-)
Gang Bang the Cam Guy
Eddie was taking some pics of us girls fooling around when we decided we needed a man to tease and please. So when he got close enough I grabbed him and pulled him in! I know what you're thinking; poor Eddie, he's going to get attacked by 4 girls! He did a good job so we didn't hurt him too badly. Ivy got the cumshot but we all shared it!
Three holes all full!
One in my mouth, one in my pussy, and one in my ass, wow I was busy girl! I’ve always wanted a little gang bang where everywhere I looked there was another cock to suck and fuck and my wish came true! I love double penetration so to be able to blow someone while I was being fucked by 2 guys was so exciting! This sexcapade is definitely one of the best I’ve ever had!
Me, Missy and Jim!
Guess what Missy and I picked up when we went shopping the other day?…JIM! I couldn’t think of a better way to end a day of shopping then with a nice threesome!
After a night out!
After a night of partying in New Orleans I went back to Bruce and Anna’s room to relax a little. At least that was supposed to be the plan, but it didn't take long till we started fooling around:-) Bruce gave me such a pounding before he came on my face, in my mouth and all over my boobs, it was a really messy and tasty cumshot.
5 Girl Orgy & 1 Guy, Guess Who…
A bunch of us girls were showing each other the new toys we bought at the sex shop earlier that day. Of course we had to test out the goods and it broke out into a full blown orgy! You know when 5 girls are having sex one guy is bound to jump into the mix, would you be surprised if I told you it was Chase, and guess who finished him off, me again, no surprise there either I guess:-)
Las Vegas CamOrgy!
I joined a bunch of other amateurs in Las Vegas for a giant webcam/orgy! Guess who was the first to get naked and start things off, yours truly of course! I was also the first to get a messy cumshot, why not start off with a bang, that’s my philosophy:-)
Hot Tub Orgy!
Winter time in Montreal is freezing, so when I get a chance to go to Phoenix I’m outside naked almost my whole trip! One night we had a big party and everyone wound up naked in the hot tub! Everywhere you looked someone was getting action!
Orgy Time!
Question: What do you get when you put Me, Angelique, Brandi, Steve, Anna and Bruce in the same room? Answer: A great big orgy!!! We all sucked, fucked & swapped all night!
Phoenix Webcam Orgy
I couldn’t think of a better way to start off a vacation then with some fun group sex! After being in Phoenix for only a few hours I found out Paige had a webcam show that night, rather than doing a regular show we all jumped in for some group sex! Just imagine what the rest of the weekend was like if this was the first day (actually you don’t have to imagine, I have the pictures and video to show you:-)
Johnny and I Pleasure Talia
Talia and her long time girlfriend Stacy had broken up and she's had been staying with me until she moves into her new place. She was feeling a bit horny and lonely so I gave her the phone and told her to invite Johnny for a little fun. As soon as Johnny arrived we made Talia forget all her problems.
Mr Plumber
Eve and I clogged the sink and couldn’t manage to fix it ourselves so we had to call Mr. Plumber! When he arrived we were both shocked at how hot he was and we knew what we had to do! While he was checking the pipes we tied him up so we could check his pipe and let me just say he knows how to use his equipment!
Strip Poker!
Talia and I went over to Adam and Eve's house to play some strip poker. I thought I was playing well but I couldn't get a good hand all night and I was the first to be naked!!! Once we were all naked we were playing for dares and that's when it got interesting! The dares didn't last long until it became an all out orgy! Now that's a poker game:-)
Fucking like a Pornstar!
One of my highlights while visiting Las Vegas was I got to have sex with a real porn star! Brittany O’Connell & her hubby VooDoo Daddy showed me one hell of a good time one evening, I just went to her room to borrow an outfit and she attacked me! Ok, I may have attacked her but does it really matter? We had sex in every position we could think of, Voo Doo fucked us both non-stop before cumming on both our faces!
Sex, sex and more sex, this bed saw a lot of action at the last swing cam! We all just took turns having fun, as soon as there was a space free on the bed someone else jumped on! It was a crazy night, you gotta see the video from this!
Thanking the Host!
While in Kansas we stayed at Anna & Bruce's house and they were such great hosts the whole time! What better way to thank them then with sexual pleasure, I'm sure we'll be invited back real soon!
First threesome with A&E
This was the first shoot I've done with Adam and Eve but definitely not the last!!! We had so much fun sucking and fucking, trying all types of positions, it was amazing!!! Adam came all over my face, mouth, some in my hair and some dripped on my tits, and eve got to lick it all off!
Hot Tub Threesome
After fooling around with Angelique we decided to relax in the hot tub, well don’t let Bruce see 2 naked girls relaxing in a hot tub alone because they won’t be alone for long! Well he hopped in and we hopped on him, I don’t know how he does it but that man has an unbelievable sex drive!
Tiffany catches us!
I'm having fun with Johnny Pearl just when things are getting really hot his new girlfriend Tiffany walks in and catches us in the act! She punishes him by making him watch us have fun but finally gives in to his puppy dog eyes and lets him join in the action. We sucked him and fucked him until he came all over my face.
Trick or Treating!
Eve and I were having fun trick or treating when we knocked on Adams door for some candy. He said he had plenty of candy in his bedroom for us, all we had to do was come in and get it! Once we saw all the wonderful candy we we're so exited. Adam asked us if we wanted to stay, play, and experiment a little as a thank you for the candy? We didn't want to be rude so we stayed and you can see in the pics we had a lot of fun with him!
Wam Bam Thank You Ma’am!
I think Chase changes women more often then most guys change their underwear! After our fun threesome where he had his fun with Paige and I he went on and had sex with 2 other girls!
Working Girl
Adam & Eve were out one night looking to pick up a working girl for some fun, after passing a few ugly “street hustlers” they pulled around to my corner! We made all the necessary business arrangements we got down to business! Adam drove while Eve and I had fun, as you’ll see we almost got caught by the cops! Then we pulled over so Adam could get his moneys worth, and he did!!!

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