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Yes, sometimes I only have sex with one person at a time! It's true, once in a while I just want to sex it up with a guy (or girl).

Anal Playtime
Anal sex is to orgasms as whipped cream is to a sundae, youíll still enjoy the sundae but add whipped cream and oh my god itís so much better! I like to start off with some toys as I play with my clit then get a nice hard dick in there and presto instant unbelievable orgasm!
Blowing the Boss
My Boss was working hard one afternoon and saw how stressed he was getting! I thought it would be a nice gesture for me to help relieve him of some stress the best way I know how.
Caught Looking at Porn!
I was browsing through my site, checking for broken links and stuff (yeah right!), when I started to get pretty horny and had to play with myself. Before I knew it my boss came in and caught me red-handed! He started looking through my site with me and told me the only way Iíll get off is by giving him a nice blow job.
Fun with Toys and Boys
I had planned to do fun teasing shoot with my toys, well the teasing worked because the cam guy seemed like he got a pretty big bulge in his pants! I had to give the cameraman some relief, he works so hard:-)
Getting a raise
It's a touchy subject, but how do you ask your boss for a raise? Well, with my boss there's one way to get his whole undivided attention... with a blow-job! I got my raise all right... and a face full of cum!
One Big Load!
I got together with Johnny Pearl for a fun sex session one afternoon. I don't know what this kid eats but he shot one hell of a load of cum all over my stomach. Then being the mature people that we are I started playing with his cum and put it all over my nipples.
One Night Stand
Ever want to just take someone home and fuck their brains out? Well thatís what I did with this guy but I think I may call him back for a second shot if heís lucky:-)
Nice Surprise!
Johnny has great timing, he dropped by the loft just as I was getting out of the tub! I didn't expect him to show up so early, he was supposed to join us for our webcam show that night but we couldn't wait until then! I was already naked and was really horny after my bath, so I pulled him over and we started to have some fun!
Swinging Sex!
I went to visit Johnny Pearl over at his place a little while ago. He asked me if I wanted to try out his new sex swing, it looked like so much fun! After figuring out how to get in the harness I sucked him till all the blood rushed to my head then he got to swing me around and fuck me! He handcuffed my hands to the rope while he fucked me and I loved every minute of it! This has to be one of coolest ways to have sex, have to get a swing for my place one day!
Waking Johnny!
Johnny was sleeping and I was getting horny so I woke him up the only way I know how, by giving him a little blow job! We started to have our fun when we decided it would be a lot more fun to fuck in the hot tub. We were having so much fun then he shot his load right across my face:-)

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