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Sexy pin-up pictures for my fans! I've been lucky enough to meet some great photographers, and I've put together all my favorite pics to share with you all!

Chainlink Dress
When I was shopping the other day (one of my favourite things to do:-) and I saw this chain link dress I immediately thought of Leroy’s metal floor! Take a look at how these pictures turned out...
Busting out of my Corset
I just bought a new corset and my boobs keep popping out! Every time I would lift my arms my nipples would show! Maybe that’s why Leroy kept playing YMCA by the village people during the shoot:-)
Stranded in the Desert
While in Vegas we decided to escape the bright lights and drive out to the desert. After driving for about an hour we realized hey there's absolutely no one around so why not get naked!!! And I did…
Fireplace Fun
I went away for a few days to Mt. Tremblant to relax and have some fun. I was feeling a little seductive one night and asked Kenny to take some pics of me in front of the fireplace. It was a bit of a teaser shoot, I hope you like it.
My First Shoot
These pictures were from my very first shoot in November 1999! They started off all soft and cute, I was so shy and had no idea what to do! After shooting for a bit and joking around with Kenny I got comfy and broke out my toys and got to some real action!
Caught in a Fishnet Dress
Fishnet stockings can be extremely sexy, so when I saw this fishnet dress I couldn’t wait to get in it! I love the way you can just kind of see through it to the fun parts but it still leaves a bit to the imagination!
Slipping out of my evening gown
My black velvet dress is so smooth and comfy and fits me like a glove but for some reason everyone like it better on the floor than on me:-)
Homework time
My homework was getting a little boring so I decided to spice up this study session! I hope I don't get detention if it's not done correctly!
In and out of my leather pants
There’s just something to be said for leather pants and how they make a girls feel, there’s even more to be said about slipping out of those pants and teasing the camera man until he goes crazy!
Vinyl MP Suit
I love the feel of vinyl tightly wrapped around my body! Would you like me oops I mean vinyl wrapped around your body?
An Orgasmic Experience
I was watching TV and saw that add for the shampoo that claims to give you an organic experience, well I went and tried it and take a look… it was an orgasmic experience! Of course I think it had more to do with my fingers than the shampoo but hey it worked and that's what counts:-)
Leroy gets me out of my pink dress!
Leroy came by the loft the other day to help me out of my lil pink dress:-) I love posing for him, he’s so much fun to work with! I don’t know what it is with Leroy every girl he shoots winds up taking off her cloths… maybe it’s the size of his lens:-)
I may never be a playboy bunny nothing will stop me for posing like one for you (ok maybe a copyright infringement lawsuit:-) Playboy style shoots are fun sometimes but I prefer hardcore sex to posing!
Ready for me to seduce you?
Imagine coming home opening your front door and being greeted by me wearing only my black lace gown. Then I give you a nice massage to help you relax from your stressful day, now that you’re relaxed it’s time to fuck me like crazy!
Afternoon in the pool
I love nice hot summer days where I can cool off and go skinny-dipping at a friend’s pool! It’s so much fun catching the neighbours trying to sneak a peek at the naked girls in the pool, I guess I can’t blame them:-)
Snake Skin Seduction!
I recently got a snake pattern halter top, mix that with a g-string and some leather pants and you have one sexy bitch! Now watch as I strip for you, crawl over to you, unzip your pants and give you the best blow job you’ve ever had!

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