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Although I love guys I also love having sex with hot girls! There's something about being with another woman that excites me.

Angie's Abduction
Tiffany and Talia invite me over for what they said would be a "surprise". I'm wasnít through the door two feet and they grab me and have their way with me. They tied me up and took turns eating and beating me. I love a good mix of pleasure and pain.
Afternoon Sex with Alyka
After doing a webcam show with Alyka a while ago we obviously still didn't get our fill of pleasure! So as we were in the midst of cleaning up my room after the webcam we started going at it again, until we were completely satisfied:-)
Fun with Angelique!
Angelique and I have been talking about getting together for some fun since we met but we never got the chance. We had dinner plans and got together early to catch up and find out what the other was wearing (itís a girl thing:-) well we started fooling around, Kenny grabbed his camera so you could see it allÖ
A Blond and a Brunette
Seska and I tried to do a nice soft shoot posing for the camera, we werenít very successful. As soon as the cloths started to come off our hands and mouths started to wander. We grabbed a few toys and started to play until we both had fantastic orgasms!
Blondes have more fun!
I was supposed to have a fun threesome with Missy and Jim but the guys stood us up, can you believe the nerve! We found the best way to get him back was take pictures of us having sex and show him what he missed. I bet heíll never be late again!
Some Big Titties!
While in Las Vegas I got together with Madison, Raven, Ashley and her sister! We did some fun posing and we joked around a bit! We also did some pics outside on the balcony, a few people in the other hotel rooms got a good show:-) And holy shit Ashley's boobs are huge!!!
Steak for dinner, Anna for dessert
I met Anna in Las Vegas at a dinner party, she was a guest of Robin Leach! After dinner she came back to my hotel room for some dessert:-) I had Annaís strawberry shortcake, itís not often you find a natural redhead!
Georgia on my Mind!
Q: Whatís better than having Georgia on your mind? A: Having Georgia on your face:-) Georgia is such a cute & quiet girl, or at least she was before I got through to her!
Hammock Heaven
I could get used to the sunny hot weather of Phoenix, I can also get used to fooling around with Brandi all afternoon! We had fun with each other on the hammock before the night of orgy fun started, it was kind of an appetizer before the big meal:-)
Jennie Loves Sex!
Donít be fooled by the boobs that sheís got, sheís just Jennie from the block. J-Lo may have a great voice but Jennie has a magnificent tongue, and the way she goes down on me is like music to my ears.
Massage with ďExtrasĒ
I went to visit Eve at a massage parlour where she works part-time for a relaxing massage. But once we got alone in the room and she started rubbing me down I got a lot more than just a simple massage. Iíve heard of these places that give you ďextrasĒ and my oh my they are so much fun!
Massaged after a long day!
After 7 hours of travelling all I wanted to do was lay down in the hot Phoenix sun and relax. Angelique came over and started to give me a fantastic massage and mmm Iím so happy she didnít stop there.
Off to Molly Land
Donít you wish you could buy a ticket to go take a ride in Molly Land! Molly was so sensual, always kissing and rubbing me while we has sex, the way she would suck on my nipples and lick my clit, it was like an afternoon in heaven!
Pizza for lunch, Talia for dessert!
Talia invited Alyka and myself over for dinner. Apparently she's not much of a cook so she ordered pizza. After dinner Alyka and I cleaned off the table to prepare for dessert, Iím sure you can guess who the dessert was? Wouldnít it be nice if you could order pizza with a slice of Talia for dessert every night?
Poolside Fun
I love summer! Specially if I'm near a pool and have a sexy latina like Maryanne to keep me company. Once again I got sex instead of a tan but I at least got to take a dip in Maryanne, oops I mean the pool:-)
Rub-a-dub-dub three french girls relaxing in the tub, and who do you think they be? Tiffany the hot blonde, Talia the cute brunette, and me!
Sex at the Club!
Do you guys ever wonder what girls do when they go to the bathroom together? Talia and I were out one night and we were both extremely horny! We escaped to the bathroom and had a friend watch the door for us while we had our fun!
Sex on a ladder!
Who climbs a ladder with a short skirt, no panties and doesnít expect me to attack them! Iíve had sex in weird places and on odd objects but I think this might take the cake:-)!
Slumber Party!
I got together with Anna, Brandi, Angelique and Breena while in New Orleans for a little slumber party one night! We did what girls do when they get together for a night of fun, painted each others nails, massaged each other, ate chocolate, had a pillow fight, looked at some dirty magazines and had wild sex. What did you think girls do when they get together, talk about guys, I don't think so!
Swinging with Alexis
Thereís just something about Alexisí southern accent that drives me absolutely crazy. Every time we get together her magical tongue makes me quiver like no other. Sex on the swing in Phoenix was one of the best girl girl sessions Iíve had in while!
Tanning with Lane
Itís amazing I get any type of tan when I go to Phoenix. Every time I lay down and start getting naked someone jumps me:-) Lane has such magnificent boobs and such a sweet taste I could have gone down on her for hours, wait a minute I did go down on her for hours!
Forget chocolate I have Vanilla!
Vanilla and I were relaxing on the hammock watching the sun go down when she started playing around with me a little bit. One thing led to another and all of a sudden the sun wasn't the only thing going down!

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